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Grafana is (in our opinion) is the best metrics dashboard and graph editor ever made. ElasticWarehouse is distributed with Grafana binaries and preconfigured Grafana dashboard. Dashboard presents most common performance factors useful for monitoring visualization purposes. If you want to integrate with ElasticWarehouse with any notification system, you can easily use some _ewgraphite REST point for that.

To see default metrics dashboard open web-browser, and provide URL: http:/ . If you launched few ElasticWarehouse instances on the same machine, each of them is going to have it’s own Grafana dashboard available on next available port, like: http:/ etc.
Grafana   ElasticWarehouse

Figure 1. Default ElasticWarehouse Grafana dashboard available on http:/

If you are not sure what metrics are important/useful, here is short article which may help you understand the basics : 10 Elasticsearch metrics to watch

More about Grafana

We don’t go here through Grafana features. You can read about all Grafana features on the Grafana project website: