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ElasticWarehouse accepts all typical ElasticSearch requests, like HTTP REST API calls, Transport and Node clients connections and all other possible requests available in underlying ElasticSearch version. Note that some features can be disabled in elasticsearch.yml file, like setting http.enabled=false disables http module.

To learn more about ElasticSearch REST API features, we recommend to read very good guide on ElasticSearch website, like: Elasticsearch Reference, Document APIs, Cat APIs

ElasticSearch plugins

ElasticWarehouse allows to deploy any ElasticSearch plugin. If you need any ElasticSearch plugins working in ElasticWarehouse node, then you can copy them to plugins folder like you used to do in regular ElasticSearch instance. ElasticWarehouse is even distributed with two ElasticSearch plugins: head and kopf

elasticsearch head

Figure 1. ElasticSearch head plugin (http://localhost:9200/_plugin/head)


Figure 2. ElasticSearch kopf plugin (http://localhost:9200/_plugin/kopf)

Advanced cluster configuration