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ElasticWarehouse has monitoring features included. When rrd.enabled=true (see configuration) ElasticWarehouse stores all Java performance counters and chosen ElasticSearch counters in Round Robin Databases placed in the /data folder as default. Different folder can be chosen by changing rrd.db.path setting (see configuration). You can access those raw counters data by calling _ewgraphite restpoint or visualize it using i.e. Grafana.

Monitoring integration

ElasticWarehouse is simple to integrate with 3rd party monitoring systems. Access to all performance counters is available thanks to Graphite compatible API available through http://localhost:10200/render, http://localhost:10200/metrics/find/ or http://localhost:10200/_ewgraphite restpoints (render and _ewgraphite are equivalent). ElasticWarehouse doesn’t contain all Graphite features, just basic Graphite API to fetch and modify data points.

For visualization purposes ElasticWarehouse is distributed with Grafana dashboard (see grafana) which uses _ewgraphite restpoint to fetch data points. Since Grafana and other visualization tools know graphite REST API interface, ElasticWarehouse can be treat like a data source for them.

Example usage

Query available metrics

curl -XGET*

curl -XGET*

Fetch data points for Heap current usage

curl -XGET "http://localhost:10200/render?target=localhost.memory.HeapMemoryUsage_used&from=-1h&until=now&format=json&maxDataPoints=1510"


curl -XGET "http://localhost:10200/_ewgraphite?target=localhost.memory.HeapMemoryUsage_used&from=-1h&until=now&format=json&maxDataPoints=1510"

Scale and fetch 2 data series at once

curl -XGET "http://localhost:10200/render?target=scale%28localhost.memory.HeapMemoryUsage_used%2C%200.000001%29&target=scale%28localhost.memory.HeapMemoryUsage_max%2C%200.000001%29&from=-1h&until=now&format=json&maxDataPoints=2127"

Compute percentage Heap usage

curl -XGET "http://localhost:10200/_ewgraphite?target=scale%28divideSeries%28localhost.memory.HeapMemoryUsage_used,%20localhost.memory.HeapMemoryUsage_max%29,%20100%29&from=-1h&until=now&format=json&maxDataPoints=15"

You can sniffer requests generated by Grafana to see more examples.