Advanced cluster configuration

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Advanced cluster configuration

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ElasticWarehouse is build on the top of Elasticsearch – highly available and distributed search engine. Data is stored in two indices (elasticwarehousestorage and elasticwarehousetasks as default). Each index is broken down into shards, and each shard can have one or more replica. By default, ElasticWarehouse creates an index with 5 shards and 1 replica per shard (5/1), however this behavior can be modified using mapping templates or by changing elasticsearch.yml file.

There are many topologies that can be used. To improve search performance, define 1/10 configuration (1 shard, 10 replicas). To improve indexing performance, define 10/1 configuration (10 shards, 1 replica). Determining proper number of shard and replicas is not an easy task, mostly because there is no single approach. Each cluster should be analyzed individually, so please contact with us to prepare your configuration correctly.

If you’d like to read more about it, please start from ElasticSearch website, i.e.: Replica Shards, How primary and replica shards interactCapacity planning, Add failover.