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Summary restpoint shows statistical information about data from the cluster (aggregations on the whole index)

Parameter Requirement Type Description
field mandatory string Name of the field to aggregate
type mandatory enum: terms, histogram A definition of aggregation type. More details: terms aggregation, histogram aggregation
min_doc_count optional int Increase it to return terms that match more than a configured number of hits
size optional int An attribute to limit results
scanembedded optional boolean Scan extracted embedded files when set to TRUE. This is useful when you want to include embedded files (files added i.e. to some WORD or PDF files) in your aggregation results.
interval optional int Defines bucket size for histogram aggregation.
showrequest optional boolean When set to “true” ElasticWarehouse node prints converted JSON request on standard output. Converted JSON request can be executed directly on ElasticSearch cluster. It’s useful when you plan to build your own ElasticWarehouse client connected directly to the ElasticSearch cluster.
curl -XGET "http://localhost:10200/_ewsummary?field=filetype&type=terms&min_doc_count=10&size=5000&scanembedded=false"

curl -XGET "http://localhost:10200/_ewsummary?field=filesize&type=histogram&interval=5000&showrequest=true&min_doc_count=10"