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Category : latest version

Once you upload file to the ElasticWarehouse cluster you may want to download it back to edit and upload new version. _ewget simply returns binary file content from the ElasticWarehouse cluster.

Parameter Requirement Type Description
id mandatory string File id whose binary content is being requested
type optional enum:thumb In current version only one enum is available: "thumb". Specify type=thumb to get thumbnail only, not orginal file. Thumbnail size is defined in elasticwarehouse.yaml configuration file. If you want to get thumbs with different size, you need to change elasticwarehouse.yaml configuration and run "rethumb" task to rectreate all thumbnails.
curl -XGET "http://localhost:10200/_ewget?id=E0Jjq7MZTPa3boax6OSw0w" > /tmp/myimage.jpg

To get thumbnail only, you need to specify type=thumb, like:

curl -XGET "http://localhost:10200/_ewget?id=E0Jjq7MZTPa3boax6OSw0w&type=thumb" > /tmp/mythumbimage.jpg