ElasticWarehouse version 1.2.0/1.2.1

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ElasticWarehouse version 1.2.0/1.2.1

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Release note

  • version 1.2.1
    • New attributes: last file access date, custom keywords, custom comments,
    • _ewtask
      • new task : action=rename
      • new search attributes : showrequest=true/false and allhosts=true/false
      • fixed error codes list
    • _ewinfo
      • possibility to get file info by it’s location (folder + filename) and not only by ID
      • returns information about corresponding tasks (if any)
      • interface to set custom keywords and custom comments
    • _ewget
      • returns additional header when file successfully downloaded (EwStatusFound: OK)
    • _ewsearch
      • possibility to combine _all, folder and GEO location fields in single request
    •  Fixes:
      • fix for remote mode
      • performance collector issues on windows
      • other
    • New version of ewshell included
    • Split binary content and indexed values between separate types
    • Limited number of supported underlying elasticsearch versions

ElasticWarehouse standalone packages (to work in embedded and remote modes)

ElasticWarehouse plugin packages (to be hosted as ElasticSearch plugin)