ElasticWarehouse REST API

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ElasticWarehouse REST API

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ElasticWarehouse REST API defines 9 rest points:

  • _ewupload
  • _ewinfo
  • _ewget
  • _ewbrowse
  • _ewtask
  • _ewsearchall
  • _ewsearch
  • _ewsummary
  • _ewgraphite (not available in plugin version)

Each restpoint accepts different attributes send by GET or POST to build ElasticSearch compatible request. you can view ElasticSearch requets by adding showrequest=true to the URL.

API ports

Depends from chosen version, you can access REST points listed above via port 9200 (default ElasticSearch http module port) or 10200 (default ElasticWarehouse API port).

When running ElasticWarehouse plugin in existing ElasticSearch instance (plugin):

curl -XGET "http://hostname:9200/_ewbrowse"

When running ElasticWarehouse instance (embedded or remote modes):

curl -XGET "http://hostname:10200/_ewbrowse"

All examples in this guide use port 10200. Change it to 9200 when you chose ElasticWarehouse plugin version.

API Introduction